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White people will spend 2 hours googling fan fics on Dr Who but expect us to explain racism to them in 30 seconds or less

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Kanye West and Common have teamed up with the Chicago Urban League to help create 20,000 jobs for their native city’s youth.

Common spoke about the city’s vast employment problems at a press conference announcing the team up: “Obviously, one of the biggest reasons our kids are going through what they’re going through is because of poverty. I was doing an event in the neighbourhood and there were some kids from Englewood and I said, ‘Man, what do y’all really need? What’s gonna stop this?’ And they were like, ‘We need money. Man, if we could work.’ They want a chance.”

It’s always to great thing to see two Chicago natives give back to their community!

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Random thought, but I honestly believe that one of the greatest things about being human is our ability to create change in the world around us and within ourselves, most importantly. While animals and insects have primal instincts that drive their every movement, we have the opportunity to become whomever we want to be - and that’s powerful. By really focusing on the qualities of being we desire, coupled with constant reflection to guide this growth anything is possible.

Random I know, but as I’m becoming more aware of the type of man I want to be, I’m more determined then ever to continue to build myself, and thought I would share.

Is an accomplishment really that, when the one person you want to share it with isn’t there?

It's Hot in Herre 24/7

This radio station in the Bay has been playing Hot in Herre on repeat for the past three damn days. I don’t know what to think. Escucha en vivo mofuckas